Three kinds of flame retardant market analysis
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Three kinds of flame retardant market analysis

1. The use and development of brominated flame retardants are restricted by 刭, but there is still room for development. So far, brominated flame retardants are the flame retardant species with the largest consumption in flame retardant polypropylene. Its market scale and application fields have also ranked first among various flame retardants for a long time. Brominated flame retardants have excellent properties/ The price ratio is unmatched by other flame retardants.

However, out of consideration for human health and environmental protection, and based on some experimental results that have been obtained, people have adopted a more cautious attitude towards the use of brominated flame retardants. Some developed countries are jointly conducting a comprehensive risk assessment of the five main brominated flame retardants. The results of the assessment will have a huge impact on the future production and application of brominated flame retardants. It is expected that most brominated flame retardants in many regions of the world will still be widely used in the future, and their output will maintain a growth rate of about 3%-4% in the next few years, and the total market share will gradually Decrease, the domestic situation is also the same. In terms of polypropylene flame retardant applications, there is still room for development to develop modified brominated flame retardants with certain unique properties and low environmental pollution.

2. Halogen-free flame-retardant polypropylene will be the main development direction in the future. The process of polypropylene flame-retardant and halogen-free is mainly due to the development of inorganic flame retardants, organic nitrogen and phosphorus flame retardants and related technologies. The development and application of related technologies such as ultra-fineness, microencapsulation, surface treatment, synergy, etc. have improved the shortcomings of inorganic flame retardants, such as poor processability and affecting the performance of materials, so that inorganic flame retardants have achieved unprecedented development.

3. The high-efficiency, low-smoke, and low-toxicity trends of polypropylene flame retardants. With the continuous expansion of PP application fields and the increasing demand for "environmental protection", people have put forward higher requirements for flame retardant polypropylene products. It is high efficiency, low smoke, and non-toxic. Therefore, the use of compound technology, smoke suppression technology and other research and development of new composite flame retardants, while improving the flame retardant properties of polypropylene materials, while reducing the amount of smoke and toxic gases when the materials burn, become the future of polypropylene flame retardant research and development One of the key research topics in China.


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